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Jim Grant has been traveling to China and many other countries for over seventeen years searching out the best factories to source his material from. Through his experience, choosing the best company is not easy. In several cases he has researched and visited as many as eight factories, looking for just a single product, and he will continue his search until he is comfortable that he has found the correct company with the best product for the price.​


Northwest Stone Imports, LLC. is an extended branch of Touchstone Granite & Marble, INC.


Importer of quartz, granite, marble, slate, travertine and other materials. Northwest Stone Imports supplies both slab and tiles to meet our customer's specific natural stone design and project needs. We pride ourselves in providing high quality materials, competitive prices, and dependable service.


We have developed a niche' in the hospitality and multi-family industries, providing quartz, granite and marble products nationwide. More recently, we have moved into the residential marketplace to offer our products and services so they can realize the beauty and affordability of granite and marble, whether they are building a new home or want to remodel and upgrade their current residence.

Our own installers team working along with Touchstone Granite & Marble, INC. throughout Washington, California and Oregon area.


Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Oregon Commercial Contractors Board # 193646

All appropriate liability, auto, workers comp coverage to qualify for your construction project. We have licenses in other jurisdictions and will obtain if necessary for your project. We are able to be compliant with your OCIP or CCIP insurance requirements. Let us know if we need to prequalify to be on your preferred bidders list.

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